The Second Edition: ESG Technology for Real Assets

The pressure on the real estate and construction industry is increasing from various sides. Physical climate damage and risks are just as visible and tangible as regulatory interventions and shifts in the demand focus of investors and corporates. A prerequisite for achieving the necessary sustainability goals for our common built environment is greater transparency.

100 companies covering the life cycle

From early risk management, optimising construction processes to comprehensive building data collection and benchmarking real estate portfolios to decarbonising building operations while targeting relevant sustainability KPIs to fulfil ESG reporting requirements in times of increasing urbanisation and societal challenges: The second edition of the Tech for Impact Map covers a holistic understanding of ESG criteria for real assets. A team of experts by PwC Germany & BUILTWORLD selected the top 100 solutions founded in the last decade. All companies are active in Europe and aim to achieve the greatest positive impact.

The second Tech for IMPACT Map by Builtworld & PwC promotes new solutions along the real estate life cycle as essential instruments to achieve global sustainability goals.

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